Sanya Haitang Bay Mangrove Hotel, Hainan, China

Location: Hainan, China
Site Area: 21.5 ha
Building Area: 115,701 sqm
Client: Antaeus Group

The Sanya Haitang Bay Mangrove Hotel site is located in the heart of Shaba Hotel zone in the east corner of the middle Haitang Bay in Hainan, China. It faces the South Sea and an artificial island reef, providing an excellent view of Wuzhizhou Island. The planned open space to the North and South offers an intimate and exclusive way of enjoying the waterfront with optimal views to the ocean. 

The project site is intended to be built into a seafront seven-star conference resort hotel, with an area of about 21.5 hectares, and an overall building area of about 115,701 square meters. The height of architecture is 120 meters, which is significantly higher than that its neighboring construction; Therefore, the project shall be unique landmark architecture as to the height of architecture in the region.