SMART Solution Group is founded and composed of investors, designers, administrators and educators in 2012 and in the same year, it secured the government-support project of Beijing Municipal Capital Design Industry Upgrading Plan, and was listed as one of the Beijing Scientific Association research projects. ZNA Principals were invited to be members of SMART Solution Group, and join in 2013 SMART Integrated Resorts Development Conference as the co-organiser.


 “Strategic& Planning “ explicitly defines vision and direction at the initial stage of the project, formulates and evaluates its feasibility in terms of brand, market and finance, etc. for the sake of charting a correct course for the project execution. 

With “Management & Marketing”, we would introduce  the consulting companies from the aspects of target,  design, human resources, marketing by leveraging integrated entire industry expertise and networks, to implement the given strategy and execute the project management, and insure the vision of the developer be realized successfully. 

With “Architecture & Design”, we make use of our experience in urban planning, architecture, landscaping and interior designing to make the developer’s vision realized.

“Research & Standards” assists the developer in establishing the standard for brand, operation and design as well as in deepening R&D of the products, increasing the brand value and replica ability of its success story.

With “Training & Education”, it introduces the foreign progressive training experience to bring about eligible technical talents for real estate developers. 

SMART system has been applied in part of our recently-developed, large-scale, multiple-use   resort projects, registering remarkable results in the project cost, schedule management, quality control and branding.